In The James Young High School we organise pupil support based on a House system. This means that each pupil is allocated to a class and a teacher who meet for 10 minutes each morning. This is known as a Personal Support Class. Each class is linked with a House grouping which has a House Head, an Assistant House Head and a Pupil Support Worker.

Our Houses are called:  Jura, Yell, Harris, Skye (JYHS)

It is hoped that the House team works with the same pupil from S1 to S6, and in time, pupils from the same family will have the same House Head. Wherever possible, the pupils are taught Personal and Social Education by their House Head.

In addition, all pupils are supported by a Pupil Support Manager who provides the link with external agencies, and a Pupil Support Worker who oversees latecoming and attendance.

Where appropriate, additional support is provided by the support for learning team which consists of teachers and pupil support workers. The nurture team also works with our more vulnerable pupils, and the i-aspire team works with pupils who find school and/or their curriculum challenging.

Our autism resource provides specialist support for up to 18 pupils and is also staffed by both teachers and pupil support workers.

A significant number of external agencies work with our pupils, staff and parents where this is relevant to the pupil's needs.

All of our pupils are part of our House structure - sometimes known as a 'vertical' structure.

The whole area of pupil support is line managed by the Depute Head Pupil Support, Mrs. Evelyn Russell.

Each House has an S6 House Captain, who, along with the Prefect Team, report to the School Captain Team.


House Heads

Jura (AB)

Shelia Colthart

Mrs. S. Colthart

Yell (CD)

G Pirie

Mrs. G Pirie


Harris (EF)

C McGregor

Mrs. C. McGregor


Skye (GH)

P Caddick

Mr P Caddick


Pupil Support

Mrs E. Mackie

Mrs E Mackie

Pupil Support Manager

Mr A Crookston

Mr A Crookston

Pupil Support Worker - Attendance

Mrs J Blackie

Mrs J Blackie

Pupil Support Worker

Mrs N Mason

Mrs N Mason

Pupil Support Worker

Personal Support Teachers

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