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Wellbeing Advice & Support - Coronavirus 

The following is some information which you may find helpful at this time

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What is Wellbeing ?

To help make sure everyone  (children, young people, parents, and the services that support them) has a common understanding of what wellbeing means, we describe it in terms of eight indicators.   SAFE, HEALTHY, ACHIEVING, NURTURED, ACTIVE, RESPECTED, RESPONSIBLE, INCLUDED.

The wellbeing indicators help make it easier for everyone to be consistent in how they consider the quality of a child or young person's life at a particular point in time.

Families and people working with children and young people can use the wellbeing indicators to identify what help a child or young person needs in order to help them access the right support or advice.  The Wellbeing Indicator wheel below further explains what these indicators mean (to enlarge the wheel click here Icon for pdf Wellbeing Indicators [282.88KB])


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How are James Young using the Wellbeing Indicators? 

Young people will be asked to complete a form at different points in the year asking them how they would rate themselves on each indicator from 1-5 stars on how they feel at that time.  5 indicating that they are confident in this indicator to 1 where they have real concerns.

This will be collated and any young people who have indicated concerns will be met with to discuss what supports or strategies could be put in place to improve this.

Contact will be made with home as appropriate.

As always, if any young people have concerns throughout the school year they should report this to a member of staff who will follow this up.

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