22 January

As a school we are committed to ensuring we support our students to achieve success in their qualifications - not only through every day learning and teaching but also through our annual supported study programme. We have put together a programme of supported study classes in a number of National 5 and Higher subjects.

These twilight classes will be run by our own teaching staff and will revise and reinforce the course work covered in class and will give additional practice to exam type questions.

As a result of our remote learning position the following structure will be in place for study support this session:

  • Pupils will be provided with a short revision video for a given topic each week/fortnight. Pupil feedback last session strongly suggested it was important to have topics specified to allow pupils to prioritise their revision needs. This format gives pupils flexibility as to when they access the revision materials and the option to reuse them as needed. It is likely the video will set a question/task for pupils to carry out.
  • The following week a 30 minute tutorial will be scheduled with the lead teacher; allowing the opportunity to focus on questions that have arisen from the revision video or further support. The time of the virtual tutorial will be pre-advertised by the lead teacher. These will not necessarily be straight after school.
  • Pupils will be asked to sign up to access the revision videos and tutorials by joining the Teams which have been created for Supported Study. The Codes for joining have been circulated by groupcall emails to parents and students


There will be no cost to the students for these classes. When a student signs up for a class they will be expected to attend each session. However, where there is a "clash" of subjects, students may alternate between subjects.

Our Study Support programme will commence the week beginning Monday 25 January and will run until Thursday 1 April.

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