26 March
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Following on from the recent statement from SQA  SQA Update 24 March 2020

In summary we don't need to submit to SQA the coursework/assignments etc for Higher and Advanced Higher and any outstanding National 5 work.

However; this cannot mean that the work stops. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly; the work being set by teachers just now could help generate evidence in certain subjects which could strengthen our estimates for you - we are awaiting SQA Guidance on this.

Secondly and most importantly; we must continue your learning to ensure that every student is in the best possible place to progress and work on the next level of courses in session 2020-2021.

I know you will still have questions that we cannot answer at this time. I need you to trust that the SQA will take the time they need to consider the situation carefully and come up with their alternatives which they will communicate to all of us when they know. I appreciate we would all like to hear from them now but I know you will understand that at this difficult time they need the time to make the best, measured decision that they can in everyone's interests.

When we know what they would like from schools, and from students, we will be ready to respond on your behalf. We will communicate with you when we know what we need to tell you. Thank you so much for your continued support at this time. If anyone needs to speak to their House Head, remember you can do this on GLOW e-mail or TEAMS.