In a recent survey; 65% of young people who were not successful in achieving a job did not receive the job as they were not 'skilled enough'.

Young people do have skills - we just need to learn to link them to our achievements.

Our pupils participate in many activities both in and out of school that help them achieve and it is important we help them recognise their achievements.

The form on this page can be used to let us know of a pupil's achievements so that we can help them recognise them, and the skills they have developed.

Achievements can be big or small - consider everything pupils are involved in. What do they take part in? How does this help them to achieve?


These are some of the activities that pupils take part in:

  • Running a marathon or a sponsored run.
  • Playing in a team or training for a new sport.
  • Giving a presentation at assembly.
  • Being part of a winning team.
  • Volunteering their time.
  • Receiving an award for...
  • Spending time with their grandparents and helping them with housework or just listening to them.
  • Being part of a band / group or learning to play an instrument.
  • Taking responsibility / caring for their siblings.
  • Attending clubs inside or outside school.


Here are some examples of activities and the skills developed

Regularly visiting elderly grandparents and simply sitting and listening.Develops listening skills as my gran just likes to sit and talk to someone about the old days. I listen and then ask her questions.
Regularly attending a local youth club.Develops my confidence and ability to work with others as I go on my own and have had to talk to other people I didn't know.
Spending time regularly in a band or learning a new instrument.Developing my resilience as it has been really hard to learn how to play and learn a new piece but you have to pick up your instrument and keep trying.