School Closed LocationsWe all know that if the school has to be closed at any time - whether due to bad weather or for any other reason - the usual pupil response is excitement!

However ..... all pupils have a responsibility to keep up with their learning at this time. There are various ways this can be done - please read the following advice carefully and refer to it if the school is shut.


In the event of severe weather closing our school; the learning will not stop.  Our Show My Homework system will be used by staff in this circumstance to post appropriate work that will allow learning to continue in all subject areas.  Pupils will be expected to access Show My Homework any day we have a school closure as a result of poor weather.  For pupils who do not have access to Show My Homework at home; teachers will offer a suitable alternative.

Show My Homework Logo

Glow Logo

Across Scotland pupils are being encouraged to use GLOW to access work for their school.   However to do this you must have your PASSWORD! You can access the site by clicking on the GLOW logo above or typing 'GLOW' into a search engine.

Pupils can benefit from using GLOW in many ways.  These include:

  • Accessing electronic documents at home that have previously been stored on the school network;
  • Accessing teaching resources such as PowerPoint's, course notes, homework exercises, worksheets and weblinks for revision purposes;
  • Accessing video clips not available in the school - such as You Tube clips;
  • Accessing and sharing information and resources for school-college link courses.

What if I have lost my password?

Pupils to see either Mr McNeice in the computing department, or Mr Ross, technician, if they have forgotten their Glow password. If you have no password then you will need to read this leaflet for other information you can access.

Other IT examples

Some teachers use blogs etc and will speak to individual classes about this. There are also some specific subject examples below.


Specific websites for study

BBC Bitesize

Higher Still Notes

Remember many of your teachers will also have given you names of useful websites as part of your coursework and you should also look at these. The SQA Website is a good source of information for past papers and some subjects also use Scholar - pupils will know if Scholar is recommended by their teacher and should feel free to use it.

JYHS Library

The Library Blog has lots of useful links for research and study help, free e-books and book recommendations. For more thematic recommendations head over to JYHS Library on Pinterest.

Ask Mrs Wilson for your school library account number (or use your public library card) to access free e-books, e-magazines and audio books from WLC eLibrary.

You can also find JYHS Library on Glow, twitter, tumblr, YouTube and Facebook where you will find book and information related advice and fun.

Update Your Didbook


Take the chance to reflect and record what you've been up to for literacy, numeracy, thinking, health and wellbeing, employability, enterprise and citizenship skills. What have you developed or improved? Instructions on how to access Didbook are located on the i-Journey section of the website.

Some subject specific information

Modern Languages

(Pupils have usernames and passwords in their class jotter)

Subscription websites
LinguascopeFrench, German & Spanish

Click on appropriate level (Elementary, Beginner or Intermediate)

Click on Bonjour/Hallo/Hola to take you to the list of topics


Atantot Extra

French, German & SpanishChoose a language, level and topic


FrenchClick on Register/Login


Click on Register/Login
Free Access Websites
Languages OnlineFrench, German & SpanishA wealth of activities/games
Languages OnlineFrench, German & Spanish

A different site but with the same name!

Basic level.

SpellmasterFrench, German & SpanishInteractive games on all topics.


  • All year groups should follow work which your teacher has sent through Show My Homework.
  • S1, 2, 3 should spend time researching further, the topic last started in class, using the internet, library books or newspapers and write ½ - 1 page about it at the back of your jotter.
  • All classes should revise directly from your jotters ... revision should always be on a regular basis anyway!
  • Senior classes should try working through past papers. These are found on SQA Website (Geography/Higher/National 5 etc). Pupils in S4 - S6 should be spending time working on their assignments / geographical studies or issues essays (AH only).
  • Senior classes can also try BBC Bitesize. On this site we have Bitesize revision, class video clips and additional work for S5/6 on various topics studied.

Business Education


Pupils can research the four Factors Impacting Performance: Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical. You can do this online, finding out examples of sports men and women who demonstrate high or poor levels of:

Fitness: Who can you think of that is very physically fit? How do you know?

Sportsmanship: What player/performer consistently plays fairly and accepts decisions OR who is famous for not showing sporting etiquette

Fair play: What teams are the best at displaying high levels of fair play? What player has never been carded?

High levels of motivation: What famous sportsman/women has shown exceptional levels of determination; what does that look like in their sport?

Emotional outbursts: You tube has a wide variety of sporting moments(good and bad) to research.

Write these examples in your jotter or your Pupil Workbook

You can update your HWB entries on Didbook; keeping record of all your sporting achievements in and out with school. Do you play for the school team? Do you play a competitive sport in a club? If you do, record what your latest achievement has been; did you score? Did you win your final? Have you reached the next stage of a competition or do you like to just take part in sport for fun; keep a record of all the fun activities you have been doing.