What is a Library Monitor?

A Library Monitor is a pupil who helps in the library at break, lunch or after school. They work with the librarian to help the library run smoothly and provide an opportunity for pupils to be active in decision making about what the library offers.

What does a Library Monitor do?

As a Library Monitor you will help with a wide range of tasks from tidying the shelves to creating displays and issuing books. At the very least it is expected that you will tidy the area of the library allocated to you three times a week.

What is in it for me?

As being a Library Monitor is volunteering, you can count it towards your Saltire Award (see Mrs. Wilson about signing up or go to the Saltire Awards). It can also count to awards like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme if you are working on that.

Library Monitors also work though a training scheme. To be a library monitor you need to have certain skills - enthusiasm, reliability, be trustworthy, hardworking, helpful and good at using a computer. All of these are highly valued skills that can be transferred to what you get up to outside of the library. The training scheme will provide you with the evidence to prove to others that you have these skills.

When you complete each level you get a certificate which you can put into your CV. Plus the higher up you go the more responsibility you get given.

Library Monitor - First Award

Everyone must complete the First Award to be a Library Monitor. It covers the basic skills you need to help in the library and lets you try a bit of everything.

To complete it you'll need to go to four lunchtime sessions on:

  • Introduction to the library
  • Explanation of Monitor role
  • How the library is arranged
  • How to use the catalogue

These will be run either by Mrs. Wilson or a Senior Library Monitor.

After the First Award

Once you gain your First Award you can start working towards the next level. The scheme has a further four levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) and each one gives you more understanding and knowledge about how the library works and increased levels of responsibility.

The idea is that it will take roughly a year to complete each of Bronze, Silver and Gold while Platinum will take two. However the speed you work at is chosen by you.

After school sessions will be run as required to help you to gain the skills you need to complete the levels.

Every Monitor will also have a space to store their portfolio of work (copies of check sheets, certificates, evidence of work, etc.)

Library Monitor Contract

As a library monitor you will be asked to sign a contract - this is a written agreement between you and the librarian (Mrs. Wilson) that you will:

  • Check off your name on the Shelf Register when you do your shelf
  • Attend any training sessions and meetings
  • Inform someone in advance if you cannot attend
  • Treat all users of the library with respect
  • Behave sensibly as a role model for other pupils
  • Be responsible and reliable
  • Learn more about the role of the library
  • Try your best at all times
  • Let someone know if I need any help carrying out your role
  • Have fun

In return the Mrs. Wilson will support you in carrying out your role, listen and respond to any problems promptly, train you (with the help of senior monitors), organize the shelf register, organize meetings to keep you informed and discuss issues and ideas, provide rewards, certificates and evidence for the work you do and act as a referee when you leave school if asked.

How do I become a library monitor?

Applications for library monitors can be made in May every year. Any questions please speak to Mrs. Wilson.