MissionRespect2Pupils who have had disagreements with one another which are affecting their day to day relationships are encouraged to make use of the JYHS Peer Mediation service.

The peer mediation service is provided by a group of around 20 pupils who have been fully trained by the Scottish Mediation Young Talk programme.

The peer mediation process involves two trained mediators following a series of steps to help pupils find their own way of resolving their problems. Peer mediation provides a constructive and calm way for pupils to work through their problems and find a resolution.

We believe that peer mediation is good for our school as:

  • It helps to promote the message of resolving our differences without resorting to violence
  • It provides a safe environment where pupils can have their side of the story heard in a confidential and non-judgmental setting
  • It allows our peer mediators to develop important communication and listening skills which can be applied to all aspects of their lives

All bullying situations should be taken to Pupil Support Staff rather than peer mediation.

The Peer Mediation service is available on Monday to Wednesday lunchtimes, on a drop-in basis with no appointment necessary. Alternatively, pupils can also arrange an appointment through Pupil Support staff.

The Peer Mediation room is clearly signposted on the corridor between PSE and the library.