Working in Partnership at The James Young High School

Some of our students benefit from support and advice offered by organisations who work in partnership with the school. We have developed strong links with a range of providers to ensure that we are able to offer an integrated support service which meets the needs of individual students. The following are examples of some of our partners:

English as an Additional Language Service

This service is provided by West Lothian Council and is available for bilingual learners in all schools. A referral to the service is made by the school where there is an identified need.

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychologists offer help to students with learning difficulties or social or emotional problems. They work with individual students to identify support strategies which are aimed at enhancing the individual's learning experience. They also provide advice to teachers, parents and other professionals who may be involved. Referral to the service is normally through the school.

Outreach Teaching

For some children there are circumstances which prevent them from attending school. Working with the outreach service, we are able to ensure that students who cannot come to school have access to the curriculum and are able to continue with their education. Following referral to the service, individual programmes of study are put in place.

Alternative Curriculum

A small number of students benefit from learning experiences which fall outwith the range of subjects normally offered by schools. Referral to the alternative curriculum programme is made in conjunction with a range of partners when in school support strategies have been exhausted. Approval to access the alternative curriculum is given at a senior level in the Council.

Integrated Children and Young People's Support Team

The aim of the team is to work towards raising attainment and achievement for children and young people, to improve attendance and to promote social inclusion. The Team is based within the school and offers a range of services including family support, individual support and group work. Referral to the service is normally made by the school

West Lothian Youth Action Project

This is an independent voluntary organisation which provides a befriending service to young people with mental health issues, a support mechanism for young people experiencing difficulties attending mainstream schools, a peer education programme and youth forum. Referral to the organisation is done through the school.

West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service

West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service is a voluntary organisation which provides information and counselling to students in the fields of drug, alcohol, tobacco, HIV/Aids and sexual health. The Young Persons Referral Scheme offers information and counselling and support to young people up to the age of 18 living in the West Lothian area, who are experiencing problems with either their own or a family member's drug/alcohol use. Referral to the scheme is normally done through the school although it is possible to self-refer.

School Health Service through NHS Lothian

The school works in partnership with NHS Lothian and offers a self-referral drop in service for students. The school doctor carries out medicals and the school nurse provides input to our Personal and Social Education programme.

Healthy Respect

Healthy Respect is a partnership project which works in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The project's vision is to work with young people to enable them to develop a positive attitude to their own sexuality and that of others, and a healthy respect for their partners. There is a self-referral service in place for students and a drop in facility is in operation at the school which covers all aspects of health but has a focus on sexual health.

Youth Justice Family Support

The team provides a range of services to young people and their families to reduce youth crime in West Lothian. Referral is normally made through Lothian and Borders Police.

Cluster Joint Working Group

We work very closely with our associated primary schools to ensure that the transition from primary school to secondary is as smooth as possible. Some of our teachers provide specialist input to the primary schools in the areas of Modern Languages, Science and PE. In recent years we have held Primary 7 cluster health events and cluster modern language events to develop our links with the wider school community.

West Lothian Hearing Impaired Services

The service can provide British Sign Language interpreters when parents visit the school and can help with parents' evening and events. Contact can be made via the school or by telephoning 01506 418125 (Voice and text) or