What is Autism

"Autism is a lifelong, developmental condition that affects the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information. People with autism may also have a learning disability but it can also affect people of average to high intellectual ability. Some people will have more subtle difficulties where others will have complex needs requiring more intensive support. Whilst autism can result in a whole range of challenges, people on the spectrum also have potential, skills, abilities and talents.Autism impacts on a number of key areas: social communication and interaction, information and sensory processing and the ability to adapt thinking and behaviour depending on the context."

Quote from Understand Autism


The Autistic Spectrum Disorder ("ASD") Resource is a West Lothian Authority resource operating within and under the auspices of The James Young High School. Pupils are allocated places in line with West Lothian's Continuum for Support and following consideration by the authorities Senior Officer Review Group ("SORG").

Pupils have individualised timetables to suit their needs, this can include courses looking at social skills, independent living and healthy lifestyles in the resource, along with traditional subjects such as Science, Maths and English. Pupils will attend mainstream classes if and when they can, with support if it is required. This is reviewed on a regular basis.  All pupils have will have regular reviews and meetings to plan support to meet Individual needs.  This may include; IEPs (Individualised Educational Plans)/Pupil Passports/Child Planning Meetings. Transition is very important and we plan ahead as much as possible to ensure smooth changes in school, whether it is P7 - S1, S3 - senior phase, transition to join a mainstream class or leaving school. Autism Outreach works with us to provide a senior phase transition programme for pupils. This includes self-travel and looking at other educational resources.

Our pupils have in the past used services offered by Barnardos, Children and Young People's Team, West Lothian Music Therapy, Willowgrove school, Autism Outreach and our school's Educational Psychologist.

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Websites & other information

The Autistic Missing Person Protocol

Some national autism websites offering courses, expertise and information for parents and carers of young people with ASD.

The National Autistic Society

Understand Autism

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Right Click is an online programme parents can sign up for run by Scottish Autism. More details available at  Scottish Autism (Right Click)