Advantages of School Dress

  • Gives pupils a pride in, and a sense of belonging to, their school
  • Encourages positive learning behavior and focus among pupils
  • Discourages competition among pupils
  • Improves a school's reputation in the community
  • Improves security by making it easier to identify intruders
  • Reduces truanting by identifying school pupils as belonging to a particular school

Principles of the Policy

In line with West Lothian Council policy all pupils should wear the items of acceptable school dress as agreed by the group following final consultation with Senior Management Team.

Guide to School Dress

  • White school blouse or shirt and school tie.
  • School blouse or shirt should be able to be buttoned up to the neck.
  • Black v necked long sleeved jumper, cardigan or slip over with school logo.
  • Black v necked plain jumper or cardigan in the same style as school jumper or cardigan.
  • Smart black full length trousers or black skirts. Skirt length to be no shorter than mid thigh.
  • Smart black shoes.

The following do not conform with the policy:

  • Football tops.
  • Jeans or denim of any colour.
  • Visible t-shirts under shirts.
  • Shirts without ties.
  • Ripped Jeans or trousers
  • Strappy tops.
  • Cardigans of various lengths that are not reflective of the JYHS cardigan.
  • Cropped tops.
  • Hats, scarves, gloves etc in class.
  • Sportswear trousers.
  • Embroidery on trousers.
  • Coloured shirts.
  • Coloured "fluffy" boots.
  • Leggings or footless tights.
  • Shoes other than black.
  • Black trainers.

Arrangements can be made with Personal Support Teachers to leave boots, wellingtons, etc on poor weather days in registration class. Pupils can then wear school shoes inside the building.

Examples of acceptable school dress are available to view in the main school office. Parents are advised to refer to these to ensure proposed purchases conform to school policies.


It is everyone's responsibility to encourage pupils to adhere to the dress code.

Procedures - for Pupils Not in School Dress

  • Personal Support Teachers will talk to any young person not in full school uniform to ascertain the reason if a note from home has not already been provided.
  • Where necessary uniform will be provided on a temporary basis.
  • If any family requires support to provide appropriate uniform for their child then there should be no hesitation in calling our Pupil Support Team who can assist with the planning, provision and support in this matter.

Monitoring and Review

All staff are asked to ensure that they familiarise themselves with this policy and should aim to apply it consistently to all pupils within the school. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to monitor its effectiveness.