The school expects a high standard of behaviour from all pupils at all times.

Preparing for School

Organise your clothes and equipment the night before. You should be wearing:

  • White school blouse or shirt and school tie.
  • School blouse or shirt should be able to button up to the neck.
  • Black v necked long sleeved jumper, cardigan or slip over with school logo.
  • Black v necked plain jumper or cardigan in the same style as school jumper or cardigan.
  • Smart black full length trousers or black skirt. Skirt length to be no shorter than mid thigh.
  • Black shoes.

In your bag you should have:

  • Jotters, books and homework for the day
  • Pens, pencils, ruler and rubber
  • PE kit if needed

Items such as Mobile Phones must not be switched on in school. The use of mobile phone cameras is strictly prohibited. Chewing gum is not permitted in school.

Arrive at school 5 minutes before tutor time (8.30am) and 5 minutes before period 6 after lunch (1.50pm).

Keep to pavements and pathways when walking to school.

Do not walk or cycle through the car parkΒΈ We have a number of cycle lockers available for pupils. Please ask at the school office if you would like to use one. Cyclists must wheel bikes on the walkway to the lock-up area.

At all times respect must be shown for your community and your neighbours going to and from school.

Classroom Behaviour

  • Queue on one side of the corridor outside the room
  • Enter only after you have been told to do so
  • Remove your outdoor clothing
  • Take out your equipment for the lesson
  • Place bags under desks to avoid tripping
  • Listen carefully to instructions from the teacher
  • Treat teachers and fellow pupils with respect
  • Try your best at all times
  • Eating is not allowed in classrooms
  • Sit with all legs of chairs/stools on the floor
  • Sit away from walls
  • Normally only pupils with medical/parental letters will be allowed out to the toilet
  • Hand homework in on time
  • Leave in an orderly fashion and proceed to your next class

Behaviour Outside the Classroom

  • Pupils are expected to behave sensibly in the corridors, quadrangles, dining hall, library and all other areas of the school
  • There should be no pushing or shoving, shouting or swearing
  • Pupils should only be eating in the dining hall/social area or permitted areas, e.g. outside at science/social subjects tables
  • All litter must be put into bins
  • Smoking is not permitted within or around school grounds

Everyone Should Follow the Corridor Code

  • Walk at all times
  • Walk to the left
  • Leave a clear passageway
  • Bags must be kept with you and not left unattended
  • Stand, do not sit on the floor

The Following Rules Must Be Observed:

  • Pupils who persistently misbehave in the dining hall will be banned
  • You must not be dropped off by car in the school car park
  • Late arrival at school will result in break time detention


  • Please do not bring valuable items such as jewellery into school especially on days that you have PE

Internet Rules for Secondary School Pupils

When I use the Internet, I agree that:

  • I will not swear or use inappropriate language.
  • I will not reveal my personal address or phone number, or those of others.
  • I will remember that electronic mail (email) is not guaranteed to be private.
  • I will not use the Internet in such a way that I would disrupt its use by others.
  • I will tell a member of staff if I find a picture or message that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • If I do not follow these rules I may not be allowed to use the Internet and the school may take further action.

Aerosol sprays

Pupils are not allowed to bring in any form of aerosol spray into the school.  Roll on or wipe deodorants should be used instead.