Each individual should be given the opportunity to fulfil their maximum potential in order to take their place successfully in a democratic and multicultural society. This will only be achieved by equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills, competence, attitudes and experiences which will effectively prepare them for a diversity of social roles. It requires that their educational experiences are organised so that no pupil is denied opportunity on the grounds of sex, social class, ethnicity, religion, ability or disability or any other factor. It follows that every pupil, at every stage in their education, must be valued equally. This is an essential principle of human justice and is therefore not culturally dependent.

The James Young High School implements West Lothian Policies on Racial Equality and Diversity and Equality.

Aims and Values

  • James Young High School is committed to the aim of promoting equal opportunities and social justice and to the belief that, as members of our school community, pupils have a right to expect that they will be able to achieve their full potential.
  • Ethos is recognised as an important factor in promoting these aims, particularly with regard to the cultivation of self esteem and respect for others.
  • Highlighting the need to further develop action to ensure that pupils, staff and parents develop positive attitudes and behaviour towards different ethnic, cultural or national groups.
  • Develop systems and structures to protect people from racial attitudes and actions.
  • Promote through the curriculum and ethos of the school, tolerance for, knowledge, understanding about the positive attitudes towards people of different cultures, religions and origins.
  • Working to ensure that the ethos of the school is inclusive.

The Depute Head teacher (Support) is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the school policy. Incidents will be recorded via the referral system (SEEMiS) regarding discrimination/abuse.

Pupils will be made aware of the Race Equality Policy and encouraged to implement it through PSE classes and decisions they make regarding their subject choice and career.

Pupils should be encouraged to develop positive attitudes themselves and to respect the diversity of others.

Entrances and routes for visitor's signs should be displayed in a range of languages. The school should actively promote an ethos of equality of opportunities for all in an atmosphere of harmonious relationships amongst all pupils. Rules and regulations must be sensitive to, and show respect for diverse religious and cultural practices.

James Young High School work in partnership with the English as an Alternative Language ("EAL") service.

Countering discrimination and equal rights should permeate our whole curriculum.

Staff development and training will be available in order to ensure that our policy aims are put into effective practice.

Promoting equality in a school setting is about building on what you are already doing. All are involved and everyone in the school staff must play their part. Active support is given by:

  • Staff
  • Pupils
  • Parents/carers
  • Wider community

We will attempt to promote equality in the following key areas:

  • Creating a positive and inclusive teaching and learning environment
  • Curriculum programmes
  • Arrangements to be in place to ensure bilingual pupils, and those with English as a second language, have equal access to the curriculum and the linguistic tools to achieve to their fullest potential
  • The curriculum, through its content and delivery, should actively value diversity and challenge stereotypes
  • Pastoral care, including the prevention of bullying and harassment
  • Developing positive partnerships with parents and the wider community
  • Staff development and training
  • Monitoring access, progress and achievement

Monitoring and Evaluation

The following need to be considered

  • Audit our practice and collate department policy statements
  • Monitor subject uptake
  • Share effective practice
  • Monitor racist referrals
  • Have signs in languages of pupils within the school
  • Set up a liaison with interpreters to focus on Welcome signs in the foyer, subject signs for parents evenings and ability of the school to translate reports and communications into language of use.

Curricular Implications

The curriculum must improve the learning opportunities of pupils and enhance the quality of their learning attainments. Teaching Materials should be examined for:

  • Negative images of people from different ethnic groups
  • Stereotyping and tokenism.

Procedures for Staff

All incidents of overt discrimination by staff or pupils will be logged on SEEMiS.

It is essential that no incident is ignored as this contributes to discrimination through passive acquiescence of the unacceptable. The following is a list of those types of actions which could be considered to constitute overt discrimination.

  • name calling
  • making threats
  • ridiculing
  • expressing discriminatory remarks
  • discriminatory jokes
  • graffiti
  • racist literature
  • wearing of provocative badges
  • assault
  • spitting

All incidents of discrimination should be considered as "serious" and the culprit should be made aware of this. It should be explained to the culprit why their behaviour is unacceptable and the implications should be discussed with them. The school Discipline Procedures should be followed.

Staff should log the incident on SEEMiS. This will note the date, incident and the action taken.