Our Vision
Our Learning Vertical

To be a caring and inclusive school which promotes the highest standards of attainment, achievement and personal conduct.

To work with pupils, parents, colleagues and the wider community to improve opportunities for all learners, thus enabling each individual to achieve his or her potential.

To develop young people who are confident , responsible, well prepared for life beyond school and able to make a valuable contribution to society.

Our Values

We consider the following to be important in our school:

  • Respect and care for each member of our school community
  • Equal opportunities and a sense of belonging in an environment where everyone is welcome
  • Partnership with others, with whom we will work towards a common goal
  • Integrity, impartiality, fairness and tolerance are central to everything that we do

Our Aims

  • To promote an ethos of achievement, where there are high expectations of all pupils and their success are celebrated.
  • To maintain a positive learning environment in which all pupils have the opportunity to fulfill their potential in all aspects of their development.
  • To deliver a curriculum that is relevant, challenging and appropriate to the abilities and aspirations of our pupils, and which will prepare them for life beyond school.
  • To provide learning and teaching of the highest quality in a stimulating environment.
  • To make effective use of self evaluation to improve the quality of learning and teaching , and raise levels of attainment.
  • To employ appropriate resources, technology and facilities for pupils and staff in a safe, disciplined and caring environment.
  • To encourage an active partnership of staff, pupils, parents and the wider community.
  • To promote opportunities for continuing professional development, so that all staff are active participants in the process of continuous improvement.
  • To provide effective support for our pupils and promote fairness and equal opportunities.
  • To foster a positive, welcoming ethos in the school, characterised by good working relationships and a sense of belonging.